The Jägerhof, is a hotel and restaurant in Weisendorf, which looks back on a long tradition and exciting history.

The present building stands on the site of the old brewery that once belonged to the castle. This brewery was built as early as around 1750. After the Thirty Years' War, the estate began to brew beer and the original brewhouse inside the castle was no longer sufficient.

Brewing only ceased in the 19th century. In the meantime, the " brewery with restaurant" was already known as the "JÄGERHOF". The former brewery now housed a coach house with overnight accommodation. So the Jägerhof was already serving its present purpose as a hotel and restaurant.


The Zink family

The Jägerhof saw numerous owners and tenants during this period until 1986, when the now very dilapidated building was demolished.

In January 1988, the "JÄGERHOF" opened its doors in new splendor under the management of Sylvia and Jörg Zink. The former brewery was completely rebuilt by the two.

Today, their daughters are also involved in the family business. Jeanette Zink conjures up the best dishes in the kitchen and Laura Saumer welcomes you in the restaurant or at reception. Ann-Kristin Zink is currently writing this text here and is always happy to receive feedback on the website.

This is how a modern hotel and restaurant with contemporary comfort and honest, authentic cuisine was created in Weisendorf.

Jörg Zink

Jörg Zink ist der Chef des Hauses. Sie finden ihn meist spätabends an der Rezeption, im Service, oder auch in der Küche. Bei Fragen steht er Ihnen jederzeit sehr gerne zur Verfügung.