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Menu ​

starters and soups

Garlic bread … 3,00 €
Small portion of mixed salad… 3,00 €
Small portion of mixed salad with sheep milk cheese… 5,00 €
Grilled prawns on mixed salad… 9,00 €
Carpaccio of Angus-beef-filet with hazelnut-oil-vinaigrette… 9,00 €
Pumpkin cream soup topped with pumpkin seed oil… 5,00 €
French onion soup topped with melted Parmesan cheese and croutons… 5,00 €


Tarte Flambee original

A kind of french pizza from Alasace, made from a very thin layer of pastry,
topped with sour cream, chopped onions and bacon... 6,00 €
Tarte Flambee vegetarian –made with sour cream, fresh tomatoes,
original sheeps cheese, onions and mushrooms… 7,20 €
More Tarte Flambee´s with seasonal variations


Grilled fillet of pike-perch with lemon butter, boiled potatoes and salad… 15,80 €
Prawns tossed in garlic butter, served with garlic bread and salad… 19,00 €

Small dishes

½ Viennese escalope with French fries… 6,00 €
Local grilled sausages with sauerkraut and crusty bread… 6,50 €
Local sausages simmered in vinegar broth with onions and crusty bread… 6,50 €
½ portion of veal strips in cream sauce, swabian spaetzle noodles and salad… 9,80 €
Young vegetables and potato gratin… 7,90 €
Large portion of salad garnished with sheep milk cheese, egg and bread… 7,50 €
Large portion of salad, served with grilled strips of turkey breast and bread… 8,00 €

cold dishes

Portion of smoked farmer´s ham with brown bread, gherkins and butter… 8,00 €
Portion of boiled ham with brown bread, gherkins and butter… 7,50 €
Platter of home made Franconian specialties (different sausages, ham, cheese)… 8,00 €
Open sandwich with sausage… 3,50 €
Open sandwich with ham… 3,50 €
Open sandwich with cheese… 3,50 €
Variety of cheese with bread and butter… 8,50 €

Grilled and pan fried specialties

Viennese escalope served with French fries and mixed salad… 11,00 €
Viennese escalope of veal, lingonberries, boiled potatoes and mixed salad… 16,00 €
Cordon bleu of veal, fried potatoes and mixed salad… 16,00 €
Thin strips of veal in cream sauce, home made swabian spaetzle noodles and salad… 16,00 €
Grilled Fillet medallions of pork and beef with mushrooms, vegetables, potato gratin… 16,50 €
Argentinian rump steak with herb butter, French fries and salad… 18,80 €
Filet steak with garlic bread and a large bowl of salad… 24,00 €
Filet steak, madeira-wine-sauce, young vegetables and potato gratin… 24,50 €
Entrecote steak with herb butter, mediterranean vegetables and crispy potato cubes… 29,00 €
Grilled slices of beef-filet with tossed mushrooms, salad and Italian Grana Padano cheese… 12,00 €
Different vegetables and mushrooms with garlic bread… 11,00 €

Subject to changes!